A Second Language
Season 4, Episode 15
Vital statistics
Air date September 15th, 2013
Written by DonaldDouglasandToby6
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Famous Engines Quack!
 A Second Language (retitled, Luke's Rosetta Stone Experience in American releases) is the fifteenth episode of the fourth season.


The main language on Sodor used to be Sudric, but it's now English ever since Britain forces moved there. But there is another language spoken on Sodor: French, thanks to Millie. Millie is a French engine that works on the Earl's estate at Ulfstead. Millie is good friends with Luke, an Irish tank engine who works at the Blue Mountain Quarry.

Luke and Millie were busy talking at Ulfstead Castle. "Bonjour, Luke! Bienvenue au Château Ulfstead. Comment ça se passe à la montagne Quarry Blue?" asked Millie in French. Luke was confused. "Pardon me, Millie, but I can't understand you." Millie laughed. "I know, Luke. That's because I'm speaking my native tongue: French! What I said was, 'Hello, Luke! Welcome to Ulfstead Castle! How are things at the Blue Mountain Quarry'?" Luke laughed. "Oh, I see. French seems like an interesting language. Please, teach me more!" "Very well!" smiled Millie. For the rest of the day, Millie was teaching Luke French. Soon, Luke knew just as much French as Millie. "Merci, Millie! Je vous verrai demain!" and Luke puffed away.

At the Blue Mountain Quarry, Rheneas could see Luke arriving. "Ah, look everybody! Luke's back!" he said. "Bonjour tout le monde! Mettons-nous au travail!" The engines were confused. "Luke, what did you say?" asked Rheneas. "I said, 'Bonjour tout le monde! Mettons-nous au travail!" said Luke. Skarloey raised ane eyebrow. "Luke, what language are you speaking?" he asked. "French, of course!" "We can't understand you when you say French words, Luke." said Skarloey. "He's probably learned it from Millie." added Sir Handel. Luke was dissapointed; he had just learned a whole new language for the most part and could now only use it with Millie.

The next day, Luke was explaining to Millie about it. "And now I can't speak French anymore!" he said sadly. "Don't worry, Luke! At least we can now understand each other." said Millie. Just then, a horn was heard. "MILLIE!" "Oop, that's the Earl! He must want me for something. Probably for the groundskeeper. Goodbye, Luke!" "Goodbye, Millie!" and Luke puffed back to the quarry.


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