An Earned Apology is the seventh episode of the third season.

An Earned Apology
Season 3, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date September 23rd, 2013
Written by OnMistyIsland97
Directed by OnMistyIsland97
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The Truth is Revealed Where is Sir Topham Hatt?


The other engines are shocked to learn from Sir Handel that Luke has left the quarry for good. Feeling regret for what they've done, the other engines vow to bring Luke back to the quarry. 

Meanwhile, Luke makes his way out of the quarry. He passes by Owen, who tries to convinve him to stay. Luke, who still feels useless and disliked, refuses. Merrick admits to him that the other engines are sorry thety didn't believe him an they really want him back. At this, Luke half-heartedly agrees. He then leaves to go get an aopolgy from the engines.

Duncan and the other engines are looking for Luke all over the quarry when a heavy piece of slate from Merrick's hook suddenly snaps. It plummets towards Skarloey at the bottom of the gravel crusher, who is too petrified to move. Luke sees this and quickly pushes Skarloey out of the way before it hits the bottom. Skarloey is greatful, and he and the other engines apologize for their mistake. Duncan then apologizes to Luke for his trick. Luke thanks everyone, especially Sir Handel for his help in proving him innocent. All the enginesd celebrate the return of their friend, old and new.