"Bear, what is wrong with you! You upset the fish!"


Bear and the Fish is the twenty-second episode of the fourth season.

Bear and the Fish
Season 4, Episode 19
Vital statistics
Air date September 19th, 2013
Written by Patrickisthebest
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Welcome Back, Jack! Thomas Does His Thing


Bear's overhaul had recently finished a week early. He had had a good time, making friends with Alaric and Eric. When he went to pick up his coaches, he found that they were gone. The Stationmaster told him that Arthur was pulling his coaches while he was in his overhaul, and had to do it for the rest of the week, which was still scheduled as overhaul time. He would have to pull Bear's (ironically) least favourite load; fish. He raced off to complain to Sir Topham Hatt, but was even more disappointed to find out that Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt had gone on vacation in Curacao.

Carol and Rosie found it funny that Bear disliked fish. Bear growled at the girls. At the docks, Bill and Ben were shunting Bear's trucks. He was shocked to find he would need to make multiple trips. Despite Salty's warnings, he coupled all the trucks up at once, destined for Barrow.

At Gordon's Hill, Bear was struggling. He suddenly lost traction and raced backwards. Arthur was stopped picking up passengers at Wellsworth. Bear came flying towards him and crashed into him. Some fish flew and knocked over a few boarding passengers.

Molly pushed Bear to the works. Alaric and Eric were shocked to see him back. He sulked into the back off the works, embarrassed for thinking he could pull all the trucks at once.




  • "Ever since I've come to this island, I've had accident after accident... first with Duck, and now this. It was so much... safer.. in London."


  • Alaric: Hey, hey, look who's back!!
  • Eric: It's Bear! What happened now?

-Alaric and Eric when Bear returns

  • Something... or someone... smells fishy...


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