Bertie and Bulgy
Bertie and Bulgy
Season 5, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date October 7, 2013
Written by Doctor98
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Donald, Douglas and Caitlin Kevin in Charge
Bertie and Bulgy, re-titled Another Great Race in American releases, is the first episode of the fifth season


Bertie is out driving, when he meets Bulgy. Bulgy used to work for a farmer as a Moble Market, but was brought back to help out with passengers. Bulgy comments on how "Stupid this railway is, and It ought to be scrappedd." Bertie, horrified, tells Bulgy that the Rails are "Lovely Things," and that Thomas and he were Friends, and liked to race. Bulgy challenges Bertie to race. Bertie accepts. Bertie and Bulgy start raceing. Bulgy cheats, And takes a shortcut. The road ahead is being repaired, And You must go slowly. Bulgy, Angered at this, Drives slowly by. Meanwhile, An Hour Ago! Bertie crossed the Finish line, Bulgy comes and says sorry to Bertie. Bertie accecpts, And the Two Become friends.



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