Bike Care
Season 3, Episode 13
Vital statistics
Air date August 10th, 2013
Written by Pyrrha Omega
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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George and Buster A Train for the Queen
Bike Care, retitled Peter Sam and the Bicycle in American releases, is the thirteenth episode of the third season.


One day, Mr. Percival is giving jobs to the engines, except Peter Sam, who gives him a day off. When Mr.Percival leaves, he sees that Mr. Percival's bike is very rusty and old. Skarloey says that he had that bike for numbers of years now. Peter Sam decides to surprise him with a new bike. So he gets him one. He alerts Mr. Percival about the new bike he got him. As he's chuffing along the hill, the flatbed of the new bike is rusty and old so it snaps and rolls down the hill and disappears. Worried, Peter Sam rushes to look for the bike.

When he is looking, he meets Rusty at a junction. He asks what he is he doing, he explains everything. Rusty asks if he can help finding it. But, he says he doesn't him to stop working, so he says no and continues to look for it. At another junction, he sees Rheneas shunting cars with Smudger. He asks both if they have seen a flatbed with a bike, they both say no. Then, Rusty appears, and asks again. Peter Sam still refuses and leaves. He searches all around the railway and finds nothing. Rusty, again asks if he can help, Peter Sam still refuses. At the transfer yards, He goes to look for it, but Mr. Percival arrives. Peter Sam worried, does not know what to do, Peter Sam asks if wait a few more minutes, Mr. Percival agrees and sets off.

Peter Sam searches and searches still no sign of the bike. Rusty asks once more, and this time, he agrees. As the minutes pass, Peter Sam goes off to meet Mr. Percival. He asks, what is going on, then, suddenly, Rusty comes with a flatbed that has a bike, sitting on it. Peter Sam was shocked and glad that Rusty had found the bike. Mr. Percival thank the two, and sets off with his new bike. Peter Sam asks where he had found it. He replies he found in a siding near the hill. Peter Sam thanks him, Peter Sam now knows, never to refuse anyone's help, ever again.


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