"I looked up to David Mitton in my younger days!"

-Brandon, Wikia-

Brandon10002 (formerly GordonHenryandJamesfan1992) is an American writer for the series. He is best known for writing stories using the David Mitton writing style while trying to write the characters back into their original personalities. He does adoptions from RWS stories and also does remixes of episodes from the CGI Series. Lee Pressman, Helen Farrell and Davey Moore are also influences of his.  


Created Characters

GordonHenryandJamesfan1992 has created multiple characters. He generally creates diesels while sometimes he may make a steam engine. These include:

  • Brandon - A blue diesel engine who respects steam engines.  

Fact Files

  • His favorite characters are Gordon, Henry and James. That contributes to his username. 
  • He's from a wealthy family. 
  • He lives in Desoto, Texas. 
  • He was born the same year as Thomasfan. 
  • He is the youngest in his family. 
  • His height is 6'3" 
  • He was born pre-maturely and his doctor said that he would not grow beyong the height of 4 feet. 
  • He has aspergers syndrome. 
  • He lives in a big house. 
  • He has three siblings (i.e. an older brother, an older sister and a younger sister).
  • His siblings names are Brent, Brittany and Brooke.
  • He works on cars for a living. He also makes Lego films. 
  • He has a huge Take-n-Play collection. 
  • His dad owns a car dealership. 
  • His mom is an attorney. 
  • He thinks its cute when two girls fight over a boy.
  • He finds it hilarious when abusive men get beat up. 
  • He says that the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen in his life is his mom. "Well, she is a vegetarian!" he tells Wikia.
  • His favorite music genre is R&B.
  • He likes Lego and his favorite theme to collect is City.
  • He's been a fan of Thomas since he was 2.
  • His favorite characters are Gordon, James and Henry which contribute to his username.
  • He's in a band called Brother's 4 Life.
  • His favorite restaurant is Subway. 
  • His favorite clothing store is Aeropostale.
  • His favorite ice cream place is Coldstone. 
  • His favorite place to go for a snack is the Cinnabon. 
  • He hates feminism.
  • He is of African, Indian, Samoan and Tongan descent. 
  • He is a Seventh-Day Adventist. 
  • He has another account by the name of LegoCityFan8, which he uses on Lego oriented wikis. 
  • He is currently inactive on the TTTE Wikia, but he is still active here. 
  • He likes cars and his favorite manufacturer is Subaru. 

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