David is a J11 who works on the North Western Railway


David's prototype


David was built in April 1904 at Beyer, Peacock and Co. Ltd. and withdrawn in October 1957, but saved from scrap in January 1958.

He now works on either the Main Line or Edward's Branch Line.



David a kind and understanding engine who has a great sense of humour, but does like jokes ever now and then. He has plenty of expirence from the Other Railway about trucks, albeit not as much about coaches. He is proud to be the last of his class, though he gets nervous on the topic of scrap.


David is based on the Great Central Railway's class 9J, classed J11 by the LNER.


He is painted NWR black with red and blue lining, the number 228 on either side of his cab, and the Great Central's logo on his tender. Blue lining was given to him in 1999. He has also been GCR, LNER, and BR goods black. Other numbers he has carried are 228 (GCR), 5228 (LNER), 4349 (1946-48), and 64349 (BR-1958).


  • David's number was in fact real. The engine possessing this number was indeed withdrawn and, contrary to him, scrapped in January 1958.

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