Don't Leave Your Branch Line
Season 7, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Doctor98
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Cranky and Thomas The Recycling Program
Don't Leave your Branchline, or Thomas and Stanley in American versions,  is the first episode of the seventh season.


Thomas the Tank Engine was puffing down his branch line, feeling very happy with how well his job was going. He was making his last stop, when He sees Stanley at Lower Tidmouth. Stanley comments on how well Thomas' branch line looks, and how he wishes he had one of his own. Thomas thanks Stanley, and says he could run his branch line if he'd like. The two friends go to Sir Topham Hatt, and he agrees. Stanley takes two coaches there, and starts work. Stanley picks up some passengers from the first station, and puffs off. He meets Gordon, who tells asks him what he is doing. Stanley proudly states that he is running Thomas' branch. Gordon laughes and tell Stanley that he is on the Main Line. Stanley blushes and puffs back to Thomas' branch. Stanley went down a section of tracks and meets Edward. Stanley said he was running Thomas' branch, and Edward tells Stanley that he is on his branch. Stanley feels embarrassed and puffed back to Thomas branch. Thomas is there with Sir Topham Hatt, who tells Stanley he should have waited before he started work. He left some very important passengers and didn't even know where Thomas' branch line run through. Stanley stops and listens to Thomas, and Thomas puffs to help Stanley, and Stanley agrees. Soon, they finish their job, and Edward asks Stanley if he wants to run his Branch line. Stanley refuses saying he has has enough of branch line for one day.



  • A scene from "James Works it Out!" is used when Edward is talking to Stanley.

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