Dukes Final Run
Season 3, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date August 6th, 2013
Written by SplatterAndDodge
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Worriful Whiff Stealing Trains
Duke's Final Run is the ninth episode of the third season


Duke is pulling a train when he suddenly breaks down. Luke teases him, claiming it happens all the time and that he should retire. Duke doesn't mind, but he thinks Luke might actually be right. Luke spreads rumours that Duke is retiring, but Duke says he is, much to Luke's surprise, saying he was only teasing. Duke knows, but he thinks it is time for him to be put out of service. The other narrow gauge engines are upset and try to convince Duke to stay, but Duke stands by his discission. Duke couples up to his coaches one last time, or so he thought. Duke pulled into the first station and was surprised by who he saw on the next line. It was his old friend from his early days on the railway, Jayden! The 2 engines caught up, and Duke learns where Jayden had been over the last 100 years. Jayden was lost in an old mine and was just recently found and restored. Duke is delighted and tells Jayden he was going to retire after he finished his run. Jayden was upset to hear this, but he said an engine repair shop on the mainland will fix an engine over 100 years old for free. Duke and his driver were delighted. Duke was loaded onto a ship to the mainland and was taken to the repair shop. Within a week, Duke was as good as they day he puffed out of the workshop! He went back to Sodor and thanked Jayden for saving him. Duke then puffs off to collect some trucks and goes really fast. His driver checks his speed. Duke broke his personal record! The other engines were very impressed. Duke had broken the all time Narrow Guage speed record, at over 150 years old! He hoped he could work on the railway for another 150 years.



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