Duncan and Luke
Season 3, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date August 2nd, 2013
Written by OnMistyIsland97
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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The Welsh Coal Hunt The Truth is Revealed
Duncan and Luke, retitled Duncan's Heart Sinks in American Releases, is the fifth episode of the third season.


Duncan returns from his long overhaul to find Luke, the new engine, working in his place. He also notices that Luke is well-liked by the other engines, and becomes jealous. His jealousy reaches its peak after the engines compare Duncan to Luke, saying that they like Luke a lot better than Duncan. Seizing an oppurtunity to get his jobs back and to make fun of the "new guy", Duncan sets to work with his devious plans.

While Luke and Rheneas are waiting to get their cars unloaded, Duncan plays up his first scheme by bumping Luke's cars into Rheneas and derailing him. Rheneas scolds Luke for this, but Luke is sure that it wasn't done on purpose. Duncan snickers evilly before calling Luke out on his "clumsiness". Embarassed, Luke sets back to work.

Later on, the Thin Controller has arrived to inspect the Blue Mountain Quarry. Duncan sees Rusty and Paxton working and tells him that "all diesels are horrible and should be scrapped". Rusty is suprised by this, and Duncan tells him that Luke had told him to say that. Rusty and Paxton very crossly find Luke and reprimand him about what he said about him. Luke denies that he has said this, and Skarloey arrives with the Thin Controller, who soclds him severely. Skarloey declares that Luke is no longer their friend and that they are starting to like Duncan way better before puffing away. Luke sadly continues his work.

Duncan comes around to bring load trucks to Owen, and sees Luke at the bottom. Sir Handel arrives and notices Duncan's sly smirk. He stays hidden to find out what will happen next. Right when Duncan arrives to Owen, he purposely derails himself, causing the trucks to derail off of Owens platform, and poor Owen can't stop in time. The trucks plummet to the bottom and hit Luke, causing him to be severely damaged just about everywhere. The Thin Controller announces that Luke will be out of service for a long time, much to the suprising joy of the other engines. Duncan puffs away quickly before anyone can see him, laughing slyly. However, one engine has seen what he had done...


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