Finally at Home!
Season 4, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date September 3rd, 2013
Written by Pyrrha Omega
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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King of the Roads A Blue Mountain Disaster!
Finally at Home, retitled BoCo Returns in American releases, is the third episode of the fourth season.


A party is being held at Tidmouth sheds. It is for BoCo, who just recently returned to the island after working for years at the other railway. Edward, Bill, and Ben are the most happy to see BoCo return. Edward missed speaking and working with BoCo, and Bill and Ben missed messing around with BoCo. After the party, Edward decides to have a run with BoCo, BoCo agrees too, and they set off. When they are going around the island, BoCo can see many new things since he left the island. He sees many new engines and places. BoCo found this very strange. As they went further along the line. BoCo more and more new things. When they reached the Sodor Steamworks, BoCo was surprised. He has never seen anything like that. Edward also tells him that there is a dieselworks too, and ask if he wants to see it. BoCo agrees too. When they arrive, he finds it very strange, indeed. This made BoCo feel strange.

When they are done with their run. BoCo says that he wants to be alone. Edward was puzzled. He didn't know why BoCo was upset, BoCo didn't want to tell anyone at all. As BoCo goes down the track. He begins to think why has Sodor changed a lot when he was gone. He goes to go see the Centre Island Quarry, which was now the Sodor Slate Quarry. BoCo becomes more upset. Mavis rolls and says hello. BoCo only mumbles back and leaves. He visits Great Waterton, the Blue Mountain Quarry, and then Town Hall. BoCo then just goes into the sheds and thinks about how the island was before he left to work on the other railway.

Bill and Ben were up to their tricks, but when they saw BoCo, they decide to talk to him instead. They ask, and BoCo replies that the island is very different the way it was before he left to work on the Other railway. Bill and Ben can see why he's so upset about this, so they tell them that they also miss how the island was before, but they also tell them that Sodor will always be the same Sodor, no matter what changes. BoCo feels better, and decides to go have another run around the island. Bill and Ben ask if they can go with him, he agrees, and they set off. BoCo may be still upset that the island is very different now, but he still knows, he still has his old friends, and still the same island were he considers home.


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