George and the Termites is an episode of the ninth season.


The hot summer was melting slightly into a cool fall on the Arlesdale Railway. Because of this, passengers were fleeing home to their family and friends.

This meant the engines had to take passenger trains. Mike didn't like taking passenger trains. he though the coaches were out to get him. He arrived at the station. The passengers were crowded around a black tank engine with red wheels. Mike looked. "Who are you?" He asked. "I'm Stellio," he said proudly. "I'm getting a trial here." Mike smiled. Although he wasn't always too happy, it was good to see a new friend.

Mike headed down the line. He was on his way to the Ballast Hopper. When he got there, he saw George rolling over some ballast. Mike growled. George was always a nuisance, and today seemed no different. "Well, if it isn't a tiny little puffball!" He exclaimed. "It's a surprise you are running." Mike was cross. "I may be small, but I am younger than a couple engines on this line." George laughed. "I'd hate to see them." Then, he went back to his work as he ranted about railways.

Mike's driver got out of the cab. "Is he always like this?" He asked. "I've only met him one other time, but yes, he is." Mike's driver got back in the cab, and got ready to fill up Duck's cars. When Duck rolled under the hopper, Mike waited for the ballast to fall out into his cars. Duck looked up. "You seem a bit upset, Mike. More upset than usual." "I'm a bit taken back by an encounter I had this morning." He said. Duck could see his friend was unhappy. "What was it?" Duck asked. "George," Growled Mike. That was the only word Duck needed to understand. "George may be a pain, but he's never attacked an engine before, so don't you worry." Duck added.

George was still working later that day, when he saw Rex puff by. "Just keep going, you Termite. Nothing to see here," and Rex kept puffing.

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