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Icelandic Engines
Season 9, Episode (to be updated)
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Air date Unknown
Written by Thomas Chuggington
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Icelandic Engines is an episode of season nine.


Before Mid Sodor closed down, the engines there were in their sheds one night. It was silent, for a while.

"You know," Tim started. "There are some countries in the world that don't use railways anymore." All the engines were quiet for a few minutes. "Really?" Said Jerry. "Name ONE country that doesn't." "Iceland." Tim said.  "Why doesn't Iceland use railways anymore?" asked Stuart. "Because," Albert said cheekily. "They think they don't NEED to use us railway engines. They think their too GOOD for us." "I think there is more behind it." Duke said. "Think about it. Maybe they can't afford it. Or maybe it wasn't efficient there. Whatever the reason, they don't  use trains. What's the big deal about it anyway?"  The engines were quiet again. "Sorry, I just wanted to break the silence." Said Tim sorrowfully. The engines soon settled down and got to sleep. 

A few years later, Tim had to take some frieght cars to the mines. "Did you hear the news, Tim?" asked Jim, his best friend. "I can't chat now." Said Tim. "I have to get to the mines with my trucks." and soon Tim puffed away. He rumbled through the countryside, and then he was flagged down. Curiosity burned his boiler to shreds as the signalman walked up to him. "Jerry has ran out of water." the singnalman sighed. "You must go and help him." Tim was worried. He already had a train he had to take, and now he had to take two. It wasn't what Tim was used to, but he knew it was important. 

Soon, he met Jerry at the hill. "I'm sorry if I am causing a problem." Jerry said. "don't worry," said Tim. "we all make mistakes." "Go it!" his driver started. "Give those Icelandic engines a run for their money."  A broad smile crossed Tim's face. He soon pulled both trains all the way up the hill. Remember what your driver said, Tim thought. He soon rumbled up over the hill and down the other side.  

Tim and Jerry soon got to the next station. Jerry was so glad to be at the station, he forgot to be sad that he ran out of water. Tim was glad. "Thanks for helping me out," said Jerry. "Your welcome." said Tim. Just then Albert puffed up. "Tim, have you heard the news?" "what is it?" asked Tim. He didn't want to put it off any longer. "Apparently, Mid Sodor is closing down soon." Albert continued. "But, why?" Asked Tim. He was in a lot of shock, and soon several thoughts endered his mind. "Because they don't need to use us railway engines. They think their too good for is." 

To Be Continued....


  • Duke
  • Stuart 
  • Tim
  • Jim
  • Jerry
  • Albert 
  • Sir Handel (Cameo) 
  • Atlas and Alfred (Cameos) 
  • Jayden (Cameo) 

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