It was winter on the Island of Sodor. The engines were working hard to clear the tracks and to deliver passengers and goods. The roads had to be cleared too. But unlike the engines, who have sandboxes, the buses and lorries have trouble gripping the icy roads. So salt is put down.

Elizabeth and Buster were working together. As Elizabeth slowly dropped salt, Buster came close behind, flattening it into the ground. As they worked they met Bertie. “Thanks for putting down the salt,” called Bertie as he passed by. Elizabeth and Buster smiled. “It feels good to help others,” said Buster cheerfully.

Meanwhile Bulgy was speeding about, on his way to Arlesburgh station. Bertie was rounding a corner as Bulgy skidded in the opposite direction. “Watch out!” shouted Bertie. But Bulgy ignored him.

At Arlesburgh station Oliver was waiting for him. As passengers got on the train, he noticed that they were cross. “Why would they be complaining?” he asked. “They didn’t like me speeding,” grumbled Bulgy. “No wonder. You should be careful when on these icy roads.” “Pah!” snorted Bulgy. And he drove away.

He was on his way back to Knapford station. Along the way he met Elizabeth and Buster. “Hurry up! These roads are slippery,” he grumbled. “Mind your speed,” warned Elizabeth. Bulgy didn’t hear her. He’d already gone.

As Bulgy sped along, his brakes began making a strange noise. “Its probably nothing,” thought Bulgy. He neared a corner. He started to skid, but his brakes didn’t work. They were broken. Bulgy skidded into a snow bank. Luckily no one was hurt, but Bulgy was stuck.

Bertie was on his way back to the Bus Garage. He saw Bulgy in the distance. He slowed down and stopped. “What happened?” asked Bertie. “My brakes failed,” moaned Bulgy. “Please, take my passengers to Knapford.” Bertie agreed. The passengers climbed on board and he set off for the station. Bertie arrived just in time. While there, his driver called for help.

Soon Butch arrived to take Bulgy to the Steamworks for repairs. “You should’ve been careful,” scolded Butch.

A few days later Bulgy returned to work. As he drove along he saw Elizabeth and Buster, laying down more salt. “I’m sorry for being rude,” apologized Bulgy. “You’re doing a fine job.” Elizabeth and Buster just smiled.

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