"Geez, Louise, there's no reason you need to do that, Fred!"

"Who's Louise?"

-Ivo Hugh and Fred

Ivo Hugh's Quarry Predicament is the twenty-sixth episode of the fourth season.

Ivo Hugh's Quarry Predicament
Season 4, Episode 23
Vital statistics
Air date September 23rd, 2013
Written by Patrickisthebest
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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David's Clever Thinking Racks and Railcars


During September, passenger traffic on the Skarloey Railway is low. Less engines are on passenger duty, and more are put on quarry detail. Ivo Hugh was sent to the quarry for the first time. Mr. Percival told him that Fred would instruct him, but he was known to play games. Ivo Hugh didn't want a repeat of the Bill and Ben incident from the previous year. Fred told him that he needed to take trucks of slate to Kirk Machan to transfer to the Culdee Fell Railway. However, it was a trick as the trucks were supposed to be picked up by Murdoch at Crovan's Gate.

At Kirk Machan, Ivo Hugh was informed by Shane Dooiney that the trucks weren't supposed to be delivered there. He raced back to Crovan's Gate, where Murdoch waited impatiently. Ivo Hugh hurried back to the quarry. He was mad at Fred, so he did his work without instructions.

At the top of Owen, Fred was loading trucks to be brought to Paxton. He rolled too far onto the ledge, and Owen started to move down. Rusty honked his horn, and Owen stopped. If he was to move his platform up, Fred would flip and fall off. Ivo Hugh was coming from the upper terrace when a workman stopped him. He uncoupled Ivo Hugh's cars, and the engine raced to the rescue. His driver coupled him up. He strained, and was not gaining traction. He pulled hard, and pulled Fred to safety.

After the incident, Fred learned to respect Ivo Hugh (most of the time).




  • Murdoch could have picked up the stone directly from the Blue Mountain Quarry.

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