"Sometimes with the episodes I write, you just got to expect the unexpected."

-Jacob, Wikia

Jacobacranmer, formerly known as PVZ fanatic 2, is a new writer to the series.

Episodes Written

Season 6  - Emily to the Rescue

Characters Created

Fact File

  • He is 15 years old.
  • He is in 10th grade.
  • His favorite characters are Flying Scotsman, Gordon, Duck, BoCo, Murdoch, Douglas, Donald, and Trevor.
  • His best friends' names are Cassie, Sierra, Kira, Levi, Bella, Lily, Kenzee, and Logan.
  • He tends to base his OCs on his friends and family.
  • He is the oldest in his family.
  • He is very shy around new people, but also quite outgoing when he's with his friends.
  • His favorite restaurants are Pizza Hut and Villa Grande.
  • His favorite colors are neon green, neon blue, and turquoise.

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