Off to the Works
Season 2, Episode 20
Vital statistics
Air date January 23rd, 2013
Written by DonaldDouglasandToby6
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Breakdown The Crashing Kipper
Off to the Works is the 21st episode of Season 2.


One day, Derek was working at the quarry with Bill, Ben, and BoCo. He started to overheat. BoCo was worried and asked if Derek was alright. Derek told BoCo that he was alright, but he wasn't. Derek had broken down. Bill and Ben snickered.

Derek's driver told the quarry manager about what had happened. The quarry manager telephoned Sir Topham Hatt. Sir Topham Hatt told the Dieselworks manager to be expecting another engine. Then, he told the quarry manager that Derek had to be repaired. Derek was to be coupled up in front of Dennis' next train towards the Dieselworks.

When Dennis heard the news, he was cross. He didn't want any more weight on his train. Dennis fumed into Vicarstown as he could hear Derek's horn in the distance. Dennis scowled at Derek as BoCo pushed him onto the front of the train, but Derek didn't mind. He was just happy to get repaired. Dennis rolled away with as train and Derek.

Dennis kept on bumping Derek. The driver tried to calm him down, but it was no use. At last, the two diesels arrived at the Dieselworks. Den and Dart were pleased to see them. Dennis pushed Derek onto a siding, went onto the turntable, then rolled away, feeling very cross.

At the quarry, Bill and Ben were feeling lonely without Derek. BoCo noticed this and asked the twins if Derek was their friend. Bill and Ben decided to say yes and admited they liked Derek after all.


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