Oliver's Scar
Season 8, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date Late 2014
Written by thespecialcoalmaster99
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Olivers Scar is a Season 8 episode.                         


Oliver is a Great Western tank engine. He used to work on a branchline in Eastern England. Everyone always thought he had a happy life there but that was not the truth. One day he was shunting some ballast trucks for his next train when he heard an unfamiliar whistle puffing towards him it was a GWR prairie tank engine,Oliver froze and didnt move an inch,Rex noticed this and asked "Something wrong Oliver?" Oliver snapped out of his trance and replied "um...NO no nothing wrong just....thinking." Rex worried about Oliver asked Duck about it later "has he done that before" Rex asked. "No." Duck replied puzzeled, "ill ask him about it later."When Duck got back to the shed he seen Oliver in the same state as Rex discribed."Oliver ?" Duck ventured. "what ?" Oliver mumbled "Whats wrong?" he said " you're not yourself." Oliver sighed. "if I tell you do your promise not to let it go past this shed ?" Oliver asked "Of course" Duck smilled. So Oliver began his story. " When I worked on the mainland an tank engine just like that visitor worked with me. His name was Hunter and he was often boastfull and careless. During the war we often got trains of munitions and gunpowder down our line Hunter being stronger than me always got to pull them. One day he was particularly careless I told him to be carefull but he just scoffed " I have been pulling munitions trains for 3 years I think I know what im doing" and puffed angrily away." "About ten minutes later while I was shunting my autocoaches for my next run there was a loud BANG. Smoke and fire started eminating from the line ahead. I was told to drop everything and take the Brakedown train up the line. What i saw up the line has permenently scarred me a twisted pile of metal laying in a whole that was a section of line. I had to haul him to the scrapyard. I then just went back to my shead and cried myself to sleep I was not able to work for a week after. Every time i se a prairie tank engine now i just freeze i cant control it." He then looked at Duck "You can tell Rex to stop him worrying but dont tell anyone else I dont like to be reminded of it." "Sure thing," Duck smilled comfortingly and puffed off to pull his next train. 



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