Racks and Railcars is the twenty-fifth episode of the fourth season.

Racks and Railcars
Season 4, Episode 25
Vital statistics
Air date September 25th, 2013
Written by Patrickisthebest
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Norman and Betty are the hard working diesels on the Culdee Fell Railway. Norman is grumpy, but Betty is kind and strong, although she is becoming fed up with Norman. The Railway Manager realized they needed some new engines. They wanted to get engines similar to Norman and Betty, but Daisy insisted they get diesel railcars. The Railway Management ordered three railcars that were supposedly better designs of the ill-fated ones on the Snowdon Mountain Railway.

A while later, they arrived. Their names were Robin, Colton, and Sloane. Sloane worked hard, Robin was lazy, while Colton liked going fast. However, all three experienced engine troubles. One day, all three were pulling a train up the mountain when a passenger pulled the emergency brake. She complained that the ride was bumpy. However, they pressed on. While near the summit, Colton lost traction. Robin stopped, while Sloane pulled the rest as hard as she could. However, she blew a fuse and Ernest had to save them.

Robin was embarrassed, and was very mad when he overheard the manager speaking of them being scrapped. Robin thought that if he could get Norman, the fussy diesel, to leave, he might be able to stay. Sloane told Norman, who made a plan.

Norman faked a breakdown at Halfway Halt, and Robin had to push him up the hill. Norman applied his brakes, and Robin's engine couldn't take the pressure, so he had to stop. Norman pulled him up the hill, which shocked the Summit Hotel Manager.

Robin was leading the other railcars up the hill when he derailed. Sloane was mad. The Manager came to see them that night. He sent Robin off for scrapping. He left Colton and Sloane for a while longer, but they were also scrapped.



  • This episode is partially based on true events from the Snowdon Mountain Railway, most notably, the use of railcars on the railway. However, there are some differences, such as the railcars being scrapped so soon, compared to fifteen years.

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