This is the page for the rules of the wiki.

General Rules

  1. You must be 13+ to make stories on this wiki due to federal laws and Wikia's policy.
  2. Do not harass, aggravate, or even take sides with the troublemaker as it only entices them to do more damage. 

Message Wall Rules

  1. Do not just leave a message on someone else's wall just to be doing it. If you wanna make friends on this wiki, try coming to chat. 
  2. Say more than just "hello".
  3. No dissing anyone, including yourself.
  4. Don't answer to messages left for someone else. 

Chat Rules

  1. No roleplaying.
  2. No shipping because we want to have a mature wiki.
  3. Please be kind to each other. 

Story Rules

  1. Ask permission from DonaldDouglasandToby6 before you make a story. This goes for admins too. 
  2. Don't edit another user's stories unless their is a grammar issue, a piece of trivia missing, a spelling error, or a missing character in the character list.. 
  3. Don't change/delete a story unless it's your own or you have their permission. 
  4. No stories featuring the Logging Locos and Lady.
  5. This may be pretty obvious. but please no shipping, profanity or bathroom talk in your stories. We want every user and viewer to feel comfortable on this wiki as much as possible, including kids who may come on. 

Category Rules

  1. Don't just add any category you want. For example, don't put "vhs" onto a story page. Or "thomas" onto Percy. The result is spamming and we don't want that.
  2. We're no longer using the "Episodes with pics" or "Episodes with pics (in progress)" because it sounds dumb.

Admin Rules

  1. Don't just block or ban somebody just because you don't like them. You can only block them if they're done something bad like cyberbullying, harassing, or spamming.
  2. Even if you're an admin, you still can't make up details without consulting Don.

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