Rumours and Speculations
Season 6, Episode 13
Vital statistics
Air date December 12, 2013
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Michael Midnight Confessions
Rumours and Speculations is the 13th episode of the 6th series.


Scruff the scrap engine is shunting some trucks as he always does around this time of the year but finds something weird in it. Usually his trains compose of metals, papers, and woods. However, he notices a weirdly-shaped piece of bronze in one of the trucks. This labbeled "U B," two letters that Scruff thinks stands for Umberto Boccioni, a famous Italian sculptor. 

Scruff tells everybody about it and soon the news gets all the way to an art museum called Rivington Place. They ask for the sculpture, which is in a twsited shape. They want evidence but when his driver shows an art inspector the signiture, he is almost sure its real. Soon, the piece is sent to the museum many miles away.

The next day, a man by the name of Ulfstead Barrow looks around the dump for a bronze statue. Soon, he asks Scruff and his crew. under shock, they talk to Scruff not to make speculations about things important as that, as a very important museum is holding a sculpture by an unknown.

When the maker goes to the museum, though, the people there are shocked by the complexity of the object and ask him to give them a few more items. Shocked, he is pleased to but decides to stick to his job.

Later, the now semi-famous yard foreman goes back to the dump to see Scruff and his crew to thank them for their accidental-reward. They are pleased but they tell Scruff again not to make quick speculations. However, as soon as his crew have a tea break, Scruff sees a painting on the side of a signalbox with the name "Vincent V. G. on it. Soon, he's screaming all around claming that it was made by another famous artist. His driver's statement after this was priceless: "here we go again!"


  • Scruff
  • Whiff
  • Scruff's Crew
  • The members and staff of Rivington Place.
  • Ulfstead Barrow
  • Percy (cameo)
  • 8783 (mentioned by Ulfstead Barrow)
  • Umberto Boccioni (mentioned)
  • Vincent Van Gogh (mentioned)


  • Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) and Umberto Boccioni (1883-1916) are real artists and Rivington Place is a real museum in Shoreditch, London, England. 
  • This happens to be the title of a story by Andrew Brenner. The magazine story was later edited into "Thomas and the Rumours" from Season 5.

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