Season 4 was released in Fall 2013.


  1. Trapped/Jayden's Story - The story of how Jayden gets trapped in a mine for over 100 years.
  2. King of the Roads - George hears about the queen's baby and think he's the "King of the Roads."
  3. Finally at Home!/BoCo Returns - BoCo returns from the Other Railway
  4. A Blue Mountain Disaster!/Bill and Ben Do It Again - Bill and Ben cause havoc at the Blue Mountain Quarry.
  5. Mud and Roads/Luke Helps Out - Rain has been pouring on the Skarloey Railway and the tracks are covered in mud, so cars and buses are replacing the engines for a while. Because of this, Bertie tells Luke that roads are better, but when Bertie runs into a mudslide, he needs help.
  6. Flora and Koby/Flora and the Troublesome Coach - A new coach named Koby arrives and causes trouble for Thomas' Branch Line.
  7. Koby and Bumble/Koby's Better Double - Another coach named Bumble arrives, but is the opposite of Koby.
  8. Runaway Koby - Koby breaks away from Toby, but then crashes and gets turned into a gym.
  9. Rusty's Rough Morning - Rusty is in charge of the Skarloey Railway post, but has to get up very early in the morning.
  10. Streamlined Engines/Spencer's Grand Prix - Gordon and Spencer are sick of Connor and Caitlin asking them to race.
  11. Isobella's Busy Day - Isobella has to deliver fuel to the Pack, but she doesn't have enough as Oliver used up more than he usual did
  12. Wake Up and Smell the Garbage! - Scruff wishes he won't pull garbage anymore.
  13. Famous Engines/Diesel's Jealousy - Diesel is jealous of Stephen being so famous and plays devious pranks on him.
  14. A Second Language/Luke's Rosetta Stone Experience - Millie teaches Luke some French, but then Luke tries to use it to talk to the other engines.
  15. Quack!/Duck's Fall - The big engines start making fun of Duck and it gets worse after Duck falls in a pond.
  16. Saving Jack - Ms. Jenny wants to send Jack to Ulfstead Castle, but Jack refuses and just might prove himself.
  17. Hooray for Hiro - Hiro returns to the Island of Sodor.
  18. Welcome Back, Jack! - Jack misses his old friends like Alfie, so Luke and Paxton try to help.
  19. Bear and the Fish - Bear must pull the fish after his overhaul finishes early and Arthur has taken over his passenger train!
  20. Open Slot  
  21. Dave's Scary Tale - Dave tells his biggest secret to BoCo.
  22. David's Clever Thinking- David the J11 stops his trucks' tricks from causing a nasty accident.
  23. Ivo Hugh's Quarry Predicament: Ivo Hugh is put on quarry detail for the first time, but Fred plays a trick on him.
  24. Racks and Railcars: The Culdee Fell Railway orders three diesel railcars, but they prove to be very problematic.
  25. Thomas, Percy and the Hurricane - When a hurricane strikes Sodor, Percy must help Thomas after an accident.
  26. Open Slot
  27. Open Slot
  28. Silver Steam/Spencer Gets On His Highorse  - Spencer starts boasting to Stephen about being fast.



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