This page is for the seventh season. It'll probably air in the summer of 2014


  1. Don't Leave your Branchline - While Thomas works elsewhere, Stanley has to run the branch line. But things spiral out of control.
  2. The Recycling Program - Together, Scruff and Whiff set up a reycling program for Sodor.
  3. Captain's Crunch - Captain must save Harold from a storm.
  4. Open Slot
  5. Open Slot 
  6. Phillip, Jonathon, and Stafford - When a new diesel named Phillip comes to help on the Peel Godred Branch, the three engines become good friends.
  7. Butch's Chase - Butch has to catch up with Rusty when he leaves too soon.
  8. Nicholas the Crane - A new crane named Nicholas is installed at the Smelter's Yard, but doesn't want to be with 'Arry and Bert.
  9. Paul and Rusty - A new diesel on the Skarloey Railway arrives, but causes trouble for poor Rusty.
  10. Bulgy and the New Bus Stop - Bulgy complains that there are too many bus stops on Tidmouth Boulevard,
  11. Henry the Wedding Engine - When Henry is picked to pulling a wedding train, he leaves behind the bride!
  12. Stop That Fish! - Cars full of fish break loose from Duck, and create havoc on the island.
  13. When you Whiff Upon a star - Whiff wishes his job was less smelly, and is surprised when it comes true.
  14. Tunnel Trouble - Thomas and Diesel 10 get stuck in a tunnel, and the 2 enemies must cooperate to get free.
  15. The Grand Old Competition - A misunderstanding at the Anopha Quarry causes a large accident to happen.
  16. The Miniature Adventure - The Arlesdale Engines go on an adventure.
  17. The Great Battle of Harwick - Timothy the new engine is sent to the China Clay Works to meet Bill and Ben but when he gets there, he is put in charge of one of the most important construction projects in Sudrian history.
  18. James and Culdee - James meets Culdee.
  19. Terence Takes a Swim - Terence accidently falls into the river whilst clearing some trees.
  20. Open Slot
  21. Open Slot
  22. Open Slot
  23. The Fat Controller's Coming to Town - The Fat Controller dresses as Santa Claus and surprises all the engines at Vicarstown.


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