This page is for the eighth season.


  1. Thomas and the Visitor - Thomas saves an engine named The Flying Thistle from an accident.
  2. Saving Benjamin - Brady, Emily, Olivia, and Kylie journey back to the Other Railway to save Benjamin.
  3. Open Slot
  4. Henrietta - Henrietta has an accident and Toby has to use a different coach. 
  5. Oliver's Scar - Oliver gets reminded of something that had scarred him for life.
  6. Open Slot
  7. Open Slot
  8. Memories From Mid Sodor - When Sir Handel hears that his brother Albert will be sent to a museum, he tries to save him.
  9. Open Slot
  10. Open Slot
  11. Fireflies- Matt the Ballast Spreader explains why he loves Earth Day.
  12. Emmanuel - A new bus comes to Sodor and causes trouble for Donald and Douglas.
  13. Open Slot 
  14. Open Slot
  15. Open Slot  
  16. High Winds - Belle has to overcome her fear to rescue Stepney.        
  17. Open Slot 
  18. Open Slot
  19. Materialization  - When United Artists Entertainment, LLC, comes to the Skarloey Railway to shoot a film, they decide to make the stunts a little too realistic...
  20. Open Slot
  21. Open Slot
  22. Open Slot

Characters Introduced


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