Tender Engines Don't Shunt!
Season 2, Episode 24
Vital statistics
Air date January 27th, 2013
Written by DonaldDouglasandToby6
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Golden Engines Derek Comes Home
Tender Engines Don't Shunt! is the 24th episode of Season 2.


One day at Knapford, Edward was shunting some trucks for his next train. He didn't mind shunting. Edward liked surprising the trucks and give them a little bump. Just then, James bustled up to Edward. He was fuming when he saw him shunting. Edward explained that all engines were created equally and that James should shunt his trucks too instead of having another engine do it. James snorted an puffed away, very cross. Edward chuckled and went back to his work.

Edward puffed happily up his branch line with his goods train once he was done shunting. Edward arrived at the China Clay Works to see Donald and Douglas shunting when it should be Bill and Ben. Douglas explained that Bill and Ben refused to work until Derek came back, so he and Donald agreed to do their work. Donald grumpled that James had told them earlier to stop shunting. Edward thought that the big engines were going to do another strike. Edward puffed back to Tidmouth Sheds to see if they were on strike, and sure enough, they were.

Molly and Emily were trying to get them out of the sheds. Edward puffed up alongside Emily. He asked what was going on. Emily said that now they have to do the big engines' work as well as their own. Edward decided to put some sense into the big engines and told them to come out of their sheds andt that only James has done work. Gordon and Henry were cross with James. James objected that he just wanted to not get his wheels stiff. BoCo arrived and told everyone to get back to work.

Edward, Donald, Douglas, Murdoch, Molly, Emily, Neville, had to do the big engines' goods work and passengers. Some tank engines like Rosie and Stanley had to work together to Bertie and Bulgy were filled up with passengers, Sir Topham Hatt was most annoyed with the big engines and made their drivers start them up. Soon, things returned to normal. Henry, Gordon, and James were close to being locked up again, but luckily, they weren't. They agreed to always shunt their coaches and trucks from now on


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