Terence Takes a Swim is the twenty-second episode of the seventh season.

Terence Takes a Swim
Season 7, Episode 22
Vital statistics
Air date 2014
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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James and Culdee TBD


There had a fierce storm on the Island of Sodor.

Many engines were working to clear the lines of fallen trees, some were taking supplies to mend places, and a few others were continuing daily services.

Terence the Tractor was clearing some broken trees near the bridge at Elsbridge.

The river was rushing rapidly.

"That looks dangerous," said Terence.

"Yes it does. So, let's clear that tree right there," said his Driver.

Terence was hooked up and he began to tug.

It was hard work, though.

But then, suddenly, the ground beneath him collasped!

"Oh no! Help!" cried Terence as he plunged into the river.

"Oh no! I must go get help!" his Driver thought and alerted Elsbridge who notified Harold to come to the rescue.

"All's safe now!" Harold called.

Just then, Percy came with The Truck and Rocky.

"Don't worry, Terence! We'll have you out in no time!" called Percy.

Terence was soon lifted out in no time.

"I see you decided to take a swim," laughed Percy.

"Well, I guess I didn't mean to," sighed Terence.

"Don't worry, that happens to us all. It happened to me once."

"What happened?"

"I was braving bad weather to help Thomas when I steamed onto a flooded bridge. My crew had to use the Guard's floorboards to help build up my fire."

Terence chuckled.

Now, whenever someone reminds him of this, he always a good laugh out of it.

He also much more careful near rivers, just in case.



  • Elsbridge

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