The Cement Works
Season 2, Episode 16
Vital statistics
Air date January 19th, 2013
Written by DonaldDouglasandToby6
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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The Cement Works is the fifteenth episode of Season 2.


Fergus likes being the only engine working at the Cement Works. Regularly, other engines would take the cement to different parts of the Island. Dennis usual runs this train. But, after he was gone, Fergus was along with his crew. "It's nice to be alone! I'm usually the only engine to do it right." But working in a dusty place was taking its toll. His cough was getting in the way of his work, and sometimes he couldn't work properly. "I'm fine," he would say; he didn't want to let the Fat Controller down. But the Fat Controller understood. "Fergus, I can tell your cough is bothering you. I'll send an engine so you won't have to do all the shunting yourself." Fergus coughed and sighed "Yes sir..." he wheezed. "Hm, you better get that cough checked out at the Dieselworks. I'll need a strong engine to manage the Cement Works alone." and the Fat Controller left. Fergus groaned. "Don't worry, 'ol boy. Things will work out, I promise." encouraged his driver and Fergus set off for the Steamworks. 

Meanwhile, the Fat Controller was looking over his timetables. "Hm, all of these engines have jobs to do... Hm, all except for Diesel. I don't want to send him there, but I guess I have no choice." so the Fat Controller made the arrangements to send Diesel. Diesel purred into the Cement Works. "Hm, I see the "Pride of the Cement Works" has left. This is a chance for me to be as revolutionary as possible." Over the next few hours, the Cement Works ran like clockwork. Diesel, surprisingly, didn't try any tricks and, even more surprisingly, behaved well. 

When Diesel arrived, he looked at a two lines of fifteen trucks in each siding. Diesel didn't know they were for Dennis. He smirked and was coupled up. Fergus tried to make Diesel stop, but it was no use. Diesel was coupled up to the second line of trucks. Soon, Diesel was already pulling them. However, Diesel couldn't pull thirty trucks; no engine on Sodor could.

Eventually, the coupling snapped and Diesel raced through some buffers. He was furious. Fergus laughed and accidently coughed. This made Diesel smirk, but Fergus laughed some more. Diesel was embarassed.

Soon, Dennis arrived for his trucks, was shocked to see that Diesel had tried to pull them. Dennis' driver called Sir Topham Hatt at once. He was cross too. After all, he already had to deal with 'Arry and Bert twice. He spoke severely to Diesel Diesel scoffed. SIr Topham Hatt made work at the Fishing Village. Diesel hated the smell of fish. However, Fergus was pleased not to have to deal with DIesel for a while.



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