The Miniature Adventure is the nineteenth episode of Season 7.

The Miniature Adventure
Season 7, Episode 19
Vital statistics
Air date TBC
Written by Patrickisthebest
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
Episode guide
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The Grand Old Competition The Great Battle of Harwick


Frank is tired of pulling trucks, and he wants to have an adventure. One day, the line is closed due to general repairs and the replacement of the streetcar lines at Arlesburgh Bridge Street and Southbank Road in Arlesburgh. The controller has put the Blisters in charge of repairs, and Frank has the day off. He asks Mike, Rex, Bert and Jock to tag along. Jock stays back, but the other three do.

At the Green, Frank dares Rex to head down an old line to one of the Mid Sodor Railway mines. Despite being scared, Rex does it. He does not return, and the other three head down the line. They do not grip well on the steep gradient, and end up at the bottom of the hill. 

They all couple to each other, but cannot get a good grip. They then hear a familiar whistle. Jock had followed them to see where they went, The strong engine pulled them up the hill, and promises to not tell the controller if Frank never tries to do such an adventure again.


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