The Singing Woman
Season 3, Episode 11
Vital statistics
Air date August 8th, 2013
Written by Pyrrha Omega
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Stealing Trains George and Buster
The Singing Woman, retitled Henry and the Mysterious Singer in American releases, is the eleventh episode of the third season.


One misty night, Henry was going to take to take the Flying Kipper passing the Fishing Village. Edward warned Henry about the singing woman. Henry looked at Edward, puzzled. Edward told Henry that there was once a woman riding the express long ago, and that her train stopped at the Fishing Village due to the engine having problems. During her stop, she decided to sing on the beach until her train was ready to go. But at the same time, a ship was out of control, and heading towards the light house where the woman was at. The woman saw the ship, she tried to escape but her leg got stuck on rocks. When she freed herself it was too late, the ship crashed into the light house. All they found from the woman was a purse and hat. Every since the day of her death, many people and engines can see her singing across the beach, heading towards the light house. The other engines were frighten by Edward's story, except Henry. He just thought Edward was being silly and he set off to take the Flying Kipper.

As Henry moved along down the line, he couldn't stop thinking about Edward's story. When Henry stopped at a signal, he wondered more about Edward's story. He thought, and thought, until he was spooked by Arthur. Arthur asked where he was going. Henry replied nervously and left when the signal turned green quickly. As the mist rolled in more and more, Henry became more nervous than before. Until he reached the Fishing Village, he became more nervous. Then, he heard singing. He looked around who it was. Then, he saw something that shivered his wheels. A woman singing, was headed towards the light house. Henry, very frightend, blew his whistle and left quickly like thunder.

Henry delivered the Flying Kipper and headed off to the sheds. Henry arrived at the sheds very tired where Edward was awake. Henry didn't talk to him, he just stood back into his shed. Edward could tell what he saw. Henry closed his eyes, and went to sleep, hoping he would never see something like that, ever again.


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