The Truth is Revealed is the sixth episode of the third season.

The Truth is Revealed
Season 3, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date September 22nd, 2013
Written by OnMistyIsland47
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Duncan and Luke An Earned Apology


Luke returns back home after being in the works for three months due to his previous accident. However, the other engines are not very pleased to have him back, shooting him dirty looks whenever he is around. All feel this way except Sir Handel. He tries to explain to the other engines what he saw near Owen, but the others refuse to listen and remind him of what Luke had said and done. Sir Handel then puffs away to find Luke.

Sir Handel brings Luke back to explain what he had really done, even though the other engines refuse to except his apology or believe what he had said. Luke and Sir Handel sadly puff away.

Meanwhile, Duncan has seen everything, not feeling any guilt or remorse for what he had done, and is enjoying the tension between the engines. Meanwhile Luke and Sir Handel both sit alone wondering about their situations. Sir Handel believes in one last attempt to prove Luke innocent, while Luke has planned to run away, as no one like him anymore. Sir Handel finds Duncan and reprimands him for spreading lies and causing trouble. Now Duncan feels guilty and goes to tell the other engines.

After Duncan explains himself, the other engines are very cross with Duncan and feel they must apologize to Luke right away. However, Paxton arrives and tells the other engines the Luke has gone missing.


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