Trapped in the Shed
Season 5, Episode 16
Vital statistics
Air date October 21, 2013
Written by SplatterAndDodge
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Diesel Domination Wheels of Fortune
Trapped in the shed, retitled Toby and the Frozen Shed in American Releases, is the sixteenth episode of the fifth season


One very cold winter night, Toby returns to his shed after a late night run. His driver closes the door and leaves. However, the driver accidently spilled some of his water on the door, and it freezes over night. Toby doesn't realise this until he wakes up and tries to leave for his morning run. He hears his driver and fireman yanking on the door with no luck. Toby rings his bell and has no idea what's going on, until his driver says the door is frozen shut. Toby tries to break down the door but stops. He was out of water! His fireman phones Sir Topham Hatt for help, and soon Duck arrives to help break the door down. What they didn't know is that the rails were very icy and Duck slips and derails. They then call for Porter to use his sand bags to remove some of the ice, and when Porter comes he does just that. However, bad luck strikes yet again and Porter's siderod snaps just infront of the shed door, blocking it. Soon, Edward comes with Rocky and moves Porter to a different line. Then, he puts Duck back on the rails and Duck finally smashes down the door and pulles Toby to the nearest water tower to fill his water tank. Unfortunatley, the water tower is also frozen, but Porter offers to give Toby his water since Porter would soon be taken to the Steamworks and wouldn't need his water. Toby finally begins his morning run, which is now an afternoon run!


  • Edward
  • Toby
  • Duck
  • Porter
  • Rocky
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Toby's Driver
  • Toby's Fireman
  • Gordon (cameo)
  • James (cameo)
  • Jayden (cameo)
  • Henrietta (cameo)
  • Victor (mentioned)
  • Kevin (mentioned)

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