Well, Season 6 is here and with it came the first poll this wiki has ever had. About time, right? :P

So I asked "Which of these episodes was your favorite?" The choices were: Races, Luke and the Special Party, Sidney Helps Out, Repairing Old Slow Coach, Dave the Diesel, and A New Branch Line.

Here are the results:

  • Repairing Old Slow Coach - 3
  • Races and Dave the Diesel - 2
  • A New Branch Line - 1
  • Sidney Helps Out and Luke and the Special Party - 0

I myself voted Dave the Diesel. Anyway, the results aren't exactly what I expected. I did sort of expect the ones that were voted to get voted, but the fact that Sidney Helps Out got no votes did surprise me a bit.

Well, I suppose the story was a bit simple and the Christmas one... I don't know why. :P Maybe it's because it's not Christmastime. Anyway, expect a new poll and new Season 6 episodes soon.

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