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  • I live in the Wonderful Land of Oz. (If you fell for that, your a sad person.)
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    Narrator: After a long journey from Loey Machan, Spencer was sent to Kirk Ronan to take a small train from there to Barrow on the mainland, but before that, the coaches needed to be hooked up, but the coaches nor the stationmaster were anywere to be seen. Spencer grew very angry because of this.

    Spencer: Come on, Scruff! You can do better than this. You were suppost to bring the coaches, but NOOOOOOO! You're "too good" for that! I'd rather have him scrapped than need to wait for him and his coahces, that are probably rotting by now. Anyway, this wait is being stunk up by these hideous, hideous rails. Sheesh! When was the last time they cleaned these things? 2013? I can't believe it...

    Spencer's Driver: Spencer! How do you have the audacity t…

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    For everybody...

    January 22, 2014 by TEHGJPTDDDO

    I am have now made a new wiki! I would like all of you maybe joining me to work on this wiki. It is called Mid Sodor Railway Stories Wiki and here's its URL: If you want to join, you may :)  BTW could it be a spin-off of Thomas New Stories?

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