Season 5, Episode 22
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Air date November 4, 2013
Written by Pyrrha Omega
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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James and Flynn Duck's Lucky Day
Whistles!, retitled Thomas's New Whistle in American releases, is the twenty-second episode of the fifth season.


One evening, Thomas returns from the Steamworks with a shiny new whistle. Everyone complements on Thomas' new shiny whistle. All but James; who is very jealous. His old whistle is old and rusty. The other engines ignore his complaining and fall asleep. The next morning, James is still complaining about Thomas' whistle. The other engines still ignore and go to work. The Fat Controller comes and tells James that his is to take the milk to the dairy, deliver parts to the Steamworks, and deliver the passengers to Bluff's Cove. James didn't complain to The Fat Controller about him getting a new whistle, so he steamed off to do his work.

When James is puffing to the docks, he hears Thomas toot by with his new whistle. James feels even more jealous than before. So jealous, that he forgets that why is he even going to the docks. James decides to puff around the island to ignore and forget about Thomas' new whistle. He ignores his driver and puffs around the most beautiful parts around the island. Yet, nothing works, as all he can think about is a new whistle. He even tries to look at a pond to look at his shiny paintwork, but has no affect. His driver, very angry, shouts at James for not doing his job. James and his driver only remember to pick up the passengers and do not remember the first jobs they were suppose to do.

When James arrives at Knapford station, the guard is surprise that James is early. As the passengers aboard, Thomas puffs in the station and toots hello to James. James, still angry and Jealous about the whistle, leaves the station with the passenger, leaving behind all the luggage of the passengers. James, still thinking about Thomas' whistle, does not pay attention to the track and slips into a branchy siding where one of the branches rip off James' old whistle. James, now knowing that he will have to get a new whistle for sure, remembers his old jobs and his clumsiness! The Fat Controller arrives on board Percy. He scolds at James for making Toby do his work and than later sends him to the Steamworks for a new whistle while Henry takes the passengers back to the station.

James finally has a new whistle, but this does not make him happy. As punishment, he is to stay in his shed until the Fat Controller can decide when to let him out again. That night, the other engines tease him about him complaining for a new whistle. James regrets even thinking about a whistle. James sheds a tear of embarrassment and falls asleep.